How does Call Blocker work?

There are two parts of the app – call identification and blocking. The app identifies the caller and then scans our database trying to match the caller’s number with more than 8,000,000 numbers in the database. It’s up to your preferences how the app handles unwanted calls. You can either block them completely as if they never called or you can identify the callers along with what type of call it is and they will show in your call logs.

Do you provide users with a free trial?

Yes, we do. There is a one-month trial period with no charge whatsoever so users can try the app out without having to pay for it.

How do I activate Call Blocker?

Setting it up is really easy. Go to Settings, choose Phone, then choose Call Blocking & Identification and activate Call Blocker.

I can’t find Call Blocker in my phone’s settings. What should I do?

This sometimes happens when Settings are already open in the background when you download an app. What you want to do is go to task manager and swipe up to close Settings. Then open them again and go through the process of activation one more time.

Does the app block international calls?

All in all, yes. The apps blocks (or identifies for you) any number that calls you. If the number is in the database of unwanted callers, the app will act according to your wishes whether it’s an international number or not.

Can I use your app to block all numbers with a certain prefix?

No. Unfortunately, it is not possible to block numbers based on prefixes alone in the current version.

There are still unwanted calls coming through, what should I do?

First of all, check your settings if Call Blocker is activated. Then check whether the settings in the app are set up right.
Secondly, it is possible the synchronization of the database failed. Please check that you are connected to a network. Then close the app and open it again.

Will the app work with my service provider?

Yes, the app will work with any service provider, it is universal and isn’t dependent on any provider you are currently using.